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Requiem for Riley

The best of all possible puppies teaches a lesson one family won’t forget

The Earitible Child

Why antibiotics aren’t always the right solution for ear infections

Braced for Middle Age

Avoid the tummy tuck; skip the Botox. The real mid-life upgrade is braces.

Give the Gift of a Smile

Local professionals who make a difference in people’s lives get behind the Minnesota-based charitable organization Smile Network International.

Fowl Play

If you’re fretful about bird flu, you might not want to linger on the shoreline with the loons.

Why do You Think They Call It Dope?

Brand-name drug vs. generic dope? The only difference is packaging—and price.

Gardasil Duty

Can a new vaccine prevent cervical cancer? Yes—and no.

Bold Timers

A network of older Minnesotans aims to save baby boomers from themselves.

Talk to the Animals

On a farm just west of the Twin Cities, animals and counselors work together to build trust with troubled kids and help them recover from abuse, neglect, and violence. It’s part of a growing trend throughout the country to integrate horses, dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, pigs, and even reptiles into therapeutic practice.

Let’s Talk About Sex*

*Sex troubles, that is. And while we’re at it, let’s break the silence on mental illness and drug abuse. Incontinence? Now there’s another taboo topic women are only beginning to discuss with their doctors. Open up. Don’t be embarrassed. Honest, you’ll feel better if you’re frank with your physician—and with other women—about such verboten subjects.