5 Spots to Visit in Linden Hills

This charming south Minneapolis neighborhood offers coffee, books, restaurants, and more
A selection of goodies at Rose Street Patisserie
A selection of goodies at Rose Street Patisserie

Darin Kamnetz

Just south of Bde Maka Ska and west of Lake Harriet, the Linden Hills neighborhood is tucked away with beautiful homes (seriously, they’re perfect) and winding paths along the lakes, making it a hot spot for afternoon day trips and outdoor recreation. Before heading out on your own adventure, here’s our five must-visit destinations.

Rose Street Patisserie

You may have seen that Rose Street Patisserie opened up a St. Paul location last year, but the original patisserie is in Linden Hills. Led by chef John Kraus, the bakery serves light breakfast and lunch items and impressively delicious French desserts and pastries that can be enjoyed inside the bakery or out on its patio. A dear friend of mine swears by their croissants, if you’re looking for a recommendation.

Penny’s Coffee

Penny’s Coffee in Linden Hills is all windows and exposed brick, plus a beautiful downstairs work/study area as an added bonus. You can’t go wrong with an iced caramel latte (my personal go-to), but if you’re looking for something different, you can try their golden latte. During the warmer months, the coffee shop opens up its glass garage doors, creating an open, breezy café to enjoy your beverage in. If you’re visiting around lunchtime, make sure to try one of their crepes or a salad.

Wild Rumpus

What’s better than books? Books and cute animals, of course. There’s Thomas Jefferson (the friendly spider), Walter Dean and Booker T. (the cats), and Mo & Curly (the doves) among others that like to hang out with readers and roam about the shop. At Wild Rumpus you’ll find everything from picture books for toddlers to fiction for young adults.

Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream

In the spring and summer, it’s not uncommon to see a line wrapping around the block for Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream. Is it worth it? Yes. Take your scoop and sit outside on the patio or take it to go and walk on the paths around Lake Harriet. (Tip: This is a great ending to a first date—just saying.)

The Harriet Brasserie

Cozy, warm, and praised by guests for its top notch wait staff, the Harriet Brasserie is a peaceful place to enjoy a nice brunch, quick lunch, or even tea time, which has its own special menu only served Monday-Saturday from 3  to 5 p.m.

Special Mention: Linden Hills Farmers Market

Linden Hills Farmers Market opens on Sunday, May 19, with plenty of vendors offering everything from local produce to handmade crafts, soaps, candles, and more. It’s open rain or shine, so make sure you stop by!