5 MN-Made Products For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

You’ll like these local picks for gear in a boat, on a trail, under the sun

Superior Gear

To literally elevate your camping game, ditch the tent for a hammock. Made for the serious backpacker (or those who just like hammocking), Superior Gear arose out of a solo camping trip founder and hammock designer Danny Warnock took to the Boundary Waters, when he opted for this tent alternative to lighten his pack. Superior Hammock starting at $299.95, superiorgear.com


Max’s Bars

Quality ingredients—almonds, dates, raisins, whole grain oats, and more—make this bar delicious, and 7 grams of protein make it a worthy trail snack. More than a granola bar, these are made in small batches with a perfect balance of salty, sweet, and totally satisfying. $12 for four, maxsbars.com

Northmade Co.

Northmade Co. celebrates this place we call home in every design. Founder Brian Nordin’s take on the northern state of mind refreshes old favorites, from Paul and Babe to that battle cry of pontoon captains, “Comin’ in hot.” Starting at $25, northmade.co


Wenonah Canoe

Wenonah’s most iconic canoes are based on the childhood canoes of founder Mike Cichanowski. Growing up on the banks of the Mississippi River, he was “born to paddle,” the website says. The canoes are still made today in Winona, Minnesota, and the Minnesota II (shown here) is perfect for all sorts of expeditions. Minnesota II starting at $3,099, wenonah.com 


It started 20-plus years ago with readers, but Eyebobs does sunglasses now, too. The hometown original innovates with blue light and polarized sunglasses available with or without a prescription. (You can try them on virtually, so have some fun before you step out with your new “look.”) Starting at $89, eyebobs.com

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Jerrod Sumner is Minnesota Monthly’s aesthetic editor. His work covers all things local in the maker community. He is sought after for his understanding and promotion of the modern, American-made maker movement, and is a contributor on FOX 9 Good Day, sharing stories and goods. Follow him on Instagram @mrjerrodscott.