5 Podcasts For Your Next Road Trip

A long road trip is the perfect time to learn new things or listen to haunting stories

Let’s be honest—road trips can be a bit tedious. Snacks, music, and games can onlygo so far if you’re traveling in the Midwest and corn fields or snowy-covered fields get old after the first, oh, 30 minutes. Enter podcasts: Here are five you can try the next time you’re on the road.

Zero To Travel

Zero To Travel is a great podcast for travel lovers, whether you’re just starting out or have mastered backpacking in foreign countries. Hosted by Jason Moore, who has 15-plus years of travel under his belt, Zero To Travel invites experts onto the show to discuss topics like budgeting, trade for travel, weird travel jobs, location independence, and even advice for traveling with children. Regardless of what topic you choose, you’ll be ready for your next trip in no time. Listen here.

And That’s Why We Drink

If you like boxed wine, milkshakes, paranormal stories, true crime, and comedy And That’s Why We Drink is the podcast for you. But be warned: This is some scary, creepy stuff. Told in casual conversation by Christina Scheifer and Em Schulz, the two each share their haunting or true crime story of the week. Occasionally they read some submissions from their listeners, too, which are some of my favorite episodes. After just a few episodes, you’ll understand exactly why their tagline is “…and that’s why we drink!” Listen here.

And the Writer Is…

This podcast is a must for music nerds. Solo artists and bands get a lot of the spotlight when it comes to their music—but what about the writers and producers behind the scene? Hosted and produced by Ross Golan (an accomplished songwriter himself) and co-producer Joe London, And the Writer Is… is a podcast dedicated to shedding some light on some of the most prolific songwriters in the industry. Featured artists have included Bebe Rexha, Charlie Puth, Thomas Rhett, Mike Posner, and Ryan Tedder, and this upcoming season (beginning April 1) will feature interviews with Wyclef Jean, Ben Gibbard, and Jon Bellion among others. Listen here.

TED Radio Tour

Co-produced by TED and NPR, TED Radio Tour is all about ideas. Hosted by Guy Raz, the podcast’s episodes are based on talks given on the world-renowned TED stage and focuses on approaching old problems and common themes with fresh perspectives and new lenses. You can expect soundscapes and riveting conversation, and you’ll always leave with a new idea to ponder. Some of the most recent podcast episodes include themes like luck, fortune, and chance as well as gender, power, and fairness. Listen here.


Critically-acclaimed and the winner of multiple awards by the Academy of Podcasters, Lore is a biweekly podcast that explores the darker side of history with frightening true tales about creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares. Hosted and produced by Aaron Mahnke, each story will leave you feeling a little wary about our world and the people that lived in it. Listen here.