Big Bug Invasion

I don’t like bugs. As a kid, my pesky little sister would chase me around with them until I squealed, and now as an adult, my nephew tries to do the same thing. Of course I understand their importance, but I just find them to be gross. That being said, I do have to admit, this new Big Bugs exhibit (through September 1) at the Minnesota Zoo looks pretty cool.

The zoo’s Northern Trail has been invaded by 13 giant, animatronic versions of the insects, including a water-spraying bombardier beetle that, in nature, defends itself by spraying a boiling gas that explodes out of its body, a Mexican red knee tarantula that doesn’t live in a web but rather an underground burrow, a pincer-controlling stag beetle and more, like a red-tailed bumble bee, emperor scorpion and blue-eyed darner dragonfly.

In addition to getting up close to these super-sized bugs, you can also view a live bug display, learning about a bug’s life and why they’re important, plus have fun with other interactive elements. Even better, entrance to Big Bugs is free with your zoo admission, so you can make a day of it by visiting the other 4,300-plus animals that live there.

So even though I feel more like the dad in the commercial below, I’m guessing after I visit I might switch roles.

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