Bucket List Adventure: Segway Tour

Score one for the bucket list.

I’m all about goals, and dreams, especially when you write ’em down or tell someone. (Hint: It makes them much easier to accomplish!) So when my dad mentioned awhile back that he’s always wanted to ride a Segway, well ding, ding, ding—that’s all the encouragement I needed. Let’s get ‘er done!

So I set out to research Segway tours for his birthday, but before I could, an All American Segway Tour deal magically dropped into my inbox. Turns out owners Ken Smith and Chase Williams were originally sales guys, introduced to Segways seven years ago, and then turned their interest into an actual company that’s now testing markets close to the Twin Cities. So it’s young, and small, but well on its way considering how much we enjoyed our outing.

The start was a little precarious though. One of the owners himself gave us a brief tutorial (feet parallel and close on the sensors; motion is all about weight shifting in your feet), but it really took experiencing the strange phenomenon to get comfortable. (I’m not going to fall on my face if I lean forward?!) A few seconds in, a couple people in our group did opt for the offered helmets, but the rest of us just soldiered on, albeit shakily.

But it didn’t take long—maybe five minutes—to feel pretty at ease, and we were soon on our way “soaring” (at a whopping four miles an hour or so) down bike paths, around a lake, and through the pretty Apple Valley neighborhood we were in. It was strangely exhilarating and fun—like we were all basically kids discovering speed for the first time. 

Full-price for their two-hour tours are $60, and riders must be at least 14 years old and weigh 90 pounds (max 300 lbs). Definitely wear athletic shoes with socks (your feet and ankles get a slight workout), and comfortable clothing. You can bring a camera, bottle of water, and your own bike helmet if you want, though some are provided. Note: Segway rentals for corporate events or private parties also are available. Tours are available in:


  • History Tour: Start at Mayo Park and pass Oakwood Cemetary, Mayo Field, Silver Lake, Soldiers Field Memorial, and more via bike trails.
  • Nature Tour: Start at Mayo Park or Cascade Lake and tailor your nature tour from there.

Apple Valley

  • Lac Lavon Tour: Glide around the lake, head to the park, and then Crystal Beach for a quick swim and return ride.
  • Cobblestone Lake Tour: Start in Quarry Point Park, head around the lake, neighborhood, past Lebanon Cemetery and back.

Minnesota Segway Tours
is another local company that can take you through downtown Minneapolis (March through November) with their Magical History Tour, Sculpture Garden Tour, and Real Ghost Tour.

If you’re visiting the Minneapolis-St. Paul area or any city offering a Segway tour, I’d definitely recommend it—though it’s more about the ride and scenery, than the info you’ll learn along the way.

Question is: What’s next on our bucket lists?! I’m ready.

All American Segway
Rochester and Apple Valley, Minn.
* Open through October 31