Destination: Target Field

Enjoy an afternoon of baseball at Target Field with the Minnesota Twins

“Facilities team member Tony Love cleans the front row with care.”  photos and captions by Stephen Geffre

Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, is a top summer destination for baseball fans—or really anyone looking for a fun summer afternoon and night out. Enjoy these photos depicting the behind-the-scenes America’s favorite pastime. Catch one of their home games this weekend (Friday is Fireworks Friday) while enjoying a cold beer and concessions. 

A member of the grounds crew paints the white base line by following a string running between home plate and third base. 

Hundreds of empty kegs await pickup in the loading dock.

A member of the Twins facilities team, Horvin Seelall, swabs the concourse before fans enter the stadium.

A concessions worker works the grill next to the deep fryer.

Twins pitcher Alan Busenitz signs autographs after batting practice.

Twins mascot TC Bear gives a high five near home plate. 

Sue Nelson, official organist for the Twins, plays and cheers among the fans—an upgrade from the private production booth at the Twins’ old stadium, the Metrodome.

Fireworks burst from behind the scoreboard, syncing with the line “rockets’ red glare” during the National Anthem.