Door County Contacts

Load up on the best of Door County in Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor. Both towns are the peninsula’s shopping meccas—Sturgeon Bay for one-of-a-kind art and home goods, Egg Harbor for tasty treats.


Sturgeon Bay

  • Bliss, 724 Jefferson St., 920-743-6722
  • Child’s Play, 610 Jefferson St., 920-746-7529
  • Cornucopia, 714 Jefferson St., 920-743-0231
  • Java on Jefferson, 232 N. Fifth Ave., 920-746-1719
  • Monticello on Jefferson, 715 Jefferson St., 920-746-4100
  • Popelka Trenchard Art Gallery, 64 S. Second Ave., 920-743-7287,

Egg Harbor

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