Explore MN with Google Field Trip

Most adults dream of their carefree childhood days—especially during particularly stressful, high-responsibility weeks. (Oh, to frolic outside all day and not have a regenerative To Do list!) Google captured this very feeling, harkening back to the spirit and adventure of wide-eyed elementary kids free from their own “stress” of lessons as it introduced its new product this past fall, appropriately called Field Trip.

It’s another pin in Google’s never-ending quest to give us what we want before we ask for it—and in this case, it’s an escape. Plus the guide to get us there.

Per their site, “Field Trip is your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you.” More specifically, it’s an Android App great for travelers—or anyone wanting to “get away” for awhile.

Once you download the app, it operates as you move about town. Essentially, when you get close to something interesting, an alert will pop up, with details. If you have headphones, listen to a brief description a la museum audio guides (thanks to Google Now), otherwise read the info presented. Of course, you can adjust the frequency of notifications, and seek out advice if you want more information around you. And try the ratings feature, so the app can learn what you like and adjust the “discovery engine.”

Google partners with various resources and content providers within each city to provide educated recommendations, history, and trivia. That means you may find some Minnesota Monthly restaurant reviews, shopping suggestions, or activity ideas as you stroll down our very own Nicollet or Grand Ave in the Twin Cities. It’s intended to be local history at your fingertips, so even locals may be surprised to learn knew things about everyday sights.

It really is all about discovery, whether you’re in your own town or another unknown.

In the words of Google: Go on a Field Trip today! Your inner child will thank you.

Visit support.google.com/fieldtrip for more guidance about how to use Field Trip. This app is intended for mobile devices, not tablet.

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