Five Weekend Escapes for Minnesotans

These destinations have everything you need for a quick, satisfying getaway

Two people paddleboarding.
Paddleboarders in Alexandria

photo by John Magnoski, courtesy Explore Alexandria Tourism

The pressures on Minnesotans vary, but we all have them. There’s work, family, school, the world, an empty fridge, nothing good on Netflix, you name it. Even plotting a few days’ respite from it all can be a pressure point. How about waking up somewhere else without feeling like you need another vacation by the trip’s end? These five options are all doable this spring.

People taking a selfie in front of Big Ole in Alexandria.


Sailboats on Lake Pepin.

Lake Pepin

Boats on a lake in Wayzata.


A family watching the waterfalls at Sioux Falls, SD.

Sioux Falls, SD

People kayaking in Bayfield, WI.

Bayfield, WI

Gear Up to Get Out

Spring weather ranges from lion to lamb, so flexible packing choices are a must. Make these fashionable and practical upgrades to minimize convenience store runs and maximize weekend adventure time.

A list of products for travel, including a scarf, shoes and bag.

photo by TJ Turner

1. Duluth Trading Company can protect your vehicle’s interior from spring’s muddy paws. Try Scout’s Convertible Seat Saver ($59.95) or see other styles at Bloomington, Duluth, Fridley, Red Wing, or Woodbury locations.

2. Add sparkle to your feet with Minnesota-made Itasca Leathergoods’ Cota moccasins. The rainbow of options includes leather-soled, silvery gunmetal ($158) and comfy crepe-soled, rubber-bottomed mocs in shades such as lilac, sunshine gold, and salmon.

3. Add a layer of warmth and color under spring skirts with these asymmetrical striped footed or footless tights ($43) from Minnesota’s Heim-Made.

4. Pick up a dressy Bison Leather Market Tote, at left, ($285) from the Minnesota-made Duluth Pack Store. The marbled, buttery-textured leather is sturdier than cowhide. Duluth Pack also upgraded its all-purpose Deluxe Market Tote with a leather base. It’s available in 14 canvas choices.

5. Stay hands-free for an umbrella or suitcase in your pocket-rich, periwinkle trench coat ($195) by SCOTTeVEST. The travel company specializes in vests and jackets loaded with places to keep phones, wallets, glasses, and even water bottles or tablets.

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