For the Love of Fulton!

It’s an undisputed fact: The Twin Cities produce some pretty killer beers.

Another sweet fact: The local bar and restaurant scene does a great job of supporting and promoting our local breweries.

Fulton Beer LogoNow, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of our community’s beer mainstays: Summit, the St. Paul-based brewery that just celebrated its 25th Anniversary, and Surly, one of my personal favorites that has been selling fantastic and cleverly-named brews since 2005.

Fulton Beer Johnnies foundersLesser known but equally interesting and worth a sip—or 20—is Fulton Beer in Minneapolis. Started in a basement in 2006 by a group of four St. John’s University buddies, Fulton became available to the public in 2009 and is now in dozens of bars and restaurants throughout our great cities.

Their IPA, Sweet Child of Vine, is straight up delicious. I love it! And it will be that much more accessible in late October when Fulton’s new brewery in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis opens its doors. They’ll be featuring tours, “with free samples, of course!,” growler sales, and a store with Fulton gear. Now that’s a bunch of Johnnies makin’ good, if you ask me.