Freewheel WinterBike Expo

Hop on the Minneapolis Greenway for an evening of phat riding

A fat bike going down on a winter path.

12/2, 3

Initially dismissed as a trend, fat bikes triggered too much hype (and hatred) to go passé. You can thank Minnesota for that. In 2005, Bloomington-based Surly Bikes (unrelated to the beer) first mass-produced these bulbous-wheeled rides, their grace over snow—thanks to low-pressure tires—earning widespread enthusiasm. Now, the Superfat Crit evening race takes place at this expo for all things winter biking, on the Minneapolis Greenway, alongside the Midwest’s biggest fat-bike producers. The event asks acolytes to kit out their bikes with lights, bring shareable snacks, and, crucially for any trend-cresting sport: “Don’t be too much of a jerk.”

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