Get Back on Two Wheels for Bike Week

Of the many things we Minnesotans have to be proud of, it was just announced that Minnesota was once again ranked the No. 2 state in the nation for bike-friendliness. (We’ll get you someday, Washington.)

Unfortunately, the weather the past few days hasn’t exactly screamed summer, but what better way to warm up and start working on that bikini body than by dusting off your old bike and hitting the pavement? While communities across the country are participating in May’s National Bike Month, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition has organized a special week to celebrate Minneapolis’ bike-friendly culture with events ranging from group rides to classes and free breakfasts.

Each day of Bike Week (May 11-17) has a theme in order to highlight different elements of cycling. Monday marked the first day, and was themed “Fix it Day” for bike tune-ups. Tuesday is “Go By Bike Day,” Wednesday is “Nice Ride Day,” showcasing the green bike share bikes that are stationed all around the Twin Cities, Thursday is “Women’s Day,” Friday is “Bike To Work Day,” with tips on how to reduce your commute from four wheels to two, Saturday is “Bike to Small Business Day,” and lastly, Sunday is “Family Parks Day,” marking the end of this earth friendly and heart healthy week.