Gotta Go to the Auto Show, Now Through March 17

Last year when I wrote about the Twin Cities Auto Show, I talked about how my husband is a Car Guy married to a not-car-gal. Well, fortunately for him, we have a nearly-three-year-old son who can name every car from a Maserati or a Mustang to a Ford Fusion or a Volkswagen Jetta. (By reading through Motor Trend with my toddler several times a week, I can now also pick out these types of cars. Though he’s much better at it than I am.) So, what would this little guy think of a giant room filled with cars? We couldn’t wait to find out.

The Twin Cities Auto Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center started over the weekend and runs through Sunday, March 17 (open every day). It’s one of the largest car shows in the nation covering more than 400,000 square feet and presenting some $15 million in cars and exhibits. The first thing we noticed when we got there on Saturday was how much bigger it was than the last time we went. The main entrance was moved forward to accommodate more cars in more breakout rooms. For car enthusiasts, this is great news (even better news for the past-struggling car industry).

Visit Luxury Lane for a look at some of the most expensive cars out there (unfortunately the Maserati is roped off, but you can at least peek in the windows!). More into hybrids? Check out the Biodiesel Green Room for a look at the latest; you can even test drive a Scion outside. Jeep has an awesome 30,000-square-foot obstacle course set up called Camp Jeep where you can ride a jeep over all kinds of terrain; little kids will love the kids course. Plus, don’t miss live music every night and a peek at some of the classic hot rods from the Minnesota Street Rod Association.

While the place was packed on Saturday, we could still comfortably walk around (with a stroller) and my husband and little boy could still sit in most any car they wanted to try. Plus, you can get $2 discounts and kids under 10 are free! It’s a great family-friendly activity (with easy connected parking, or skyway access from any number of Minneapolis hotels) to break up a winter’s day.