History Lesson in Legos

If you find yourself in St. Paul this month, whether to catch a show at the Ordway, to spot the lights on the tress in Rice Park, or to see Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed before it closes at the Science Museum, make sure to stop into our awesome State Capitol building as well. Free tours are offered on the hour and these informative excursions really give you some insight into how local government works. It’s a perfect opportunity for kids to learn more about politics and to learn a bit about the history of Minnesota as well as the beautiful building. Designed by architect Cass Gilbert in the early 1900s, this Capitol building is truly a work of art with its gold-leafed Quadriga on the roof, the historical murrals in many of the meeting rooms, the paintings of all the Minnesota governors, and so much more.

Afraid the kids won’t be interested? Well, for a limited time, they can get also get a peek at the Capitol designed completely with Legos! On display starting next week, this six-foot by four-foot structure stands three feet high. It was constructed with 75,000 bricks in 150 hours. Really, what kid doesn’t love Legos? And now you can mix in a little history, too! It’s a perfect add-on activity to any St. Paul adventure, as well as a great step in from the chilly weather. Enjoy!