Just Treats, No Tricks

Halloween time sends me on a nostalgic journey of having frozen toes and fingers from running door to door, filling my pillowcase fuller than all my friend’s bags. And then there was the best moment of the night—dumping out my pillowcase of collected treasures and eating my treats until I had a pile of wrappers that could fill a jack-o-lantern. As an adult, it may be socially unacceptable to trick-or-treat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still indulge with sweets from these local shops.

Just Truffles: Located in an elegant house on historic Grand Avenue, all truffles here are handmade by Twin Cities chocolatiers. There are 28 flavors to choose from, including many liqueur truffles and the classic Just Chocolate truffle.

Chocolate Celeste: The chocolates crafted by owner Mary Leonard have been nationally acclaimed. The Celestial Sweetie is the signature truffle flavor—just pure bittersweet chocolate ganache throughout.

Sugar Sugar: For more local concoctions, try Mademoiselle Miel honey bon bons found at Sugar Sugar. You can also pick up unique candies not found at your regular grocery stores, and other varieties of chocolates.

Angel Food Bakery;
Photo by Jeff Johnson/Sidecar

Angel Food Bakery: You can probably find any flavor of cupcake that you desire here, ranging from traditional red velvet to snickerdoodle. They use natural, locally sourced ingredients and all the goodies are handmade in the bakery. Also don’t miss the latest craze, the cro*knot, a hybrid between a croissant and a donut.

Candyland: Even from a block away, you can smell the popcorn tempting you to venture inside. A mix of caramel, cheese and butter, the Chicago popcorn mix is one of the best around. Hailed for fresh candy and chocolate dipped treats, you probably won’t leave empty handed.

Dr. Chocolate’s Chocolate Chateau: Located in a stunning four-story mansion offering a carefully selected collection of imported gourmet chocolates. Sit down at a French-bistro style table and indulge with a glass of wine. The mansion often hosts live music.

Candy Alley: Vintage candies will make you feel like a kid again, including more than 50 flavors of salt water taffy. Don’t forget the Mallo Cups, Now & Laters, wax lips and Pop Rocks.

B.T. McElrath Chocolatier: Featured on Food Network’s The Best Of: Chocolate Makers, these handmade chocolates taste good, and you’ll feel good as you indulge because they are made from the purest available ingredients, supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture.

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