Last Call: Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo is a favorite activity in our house. We love spying the monkeys on the Tropics Trail and peering through the floor-to-ceiling glass to find Dory and other fish friends. The newer black bear exhibit on the Minnesota Trail is a hoot as its furry residents roll, tumble and play. Watching the huge bears of Russia’s Grizzly Coast is always a highlight of the day. Really, there’s something to do at the zoo all year round, but this summer has been one of the best because so many fun, big exhibits were open. However, you only have a few more weeks to enjoy them before they’re gone. Here are a few things that close at the zoo as summer winds down.

Africa! Don’t miss your chance to feed the giraffes and spot the ostrich and wildebeest in this temporary exhibit found along the Northern Trail. The giraffes will come right up to you and eat from your hand! With a climate like ours, getting a chance to see giraffes and other African animals at our zoo is a real treat.

Dinosaurs! Sure, these aren’t real animals, but the handful of mechanical (and huge!) dinosaurs set up along the end of the Northern Trail are pure fun, especially for the young ones in your life. They roar and move and squirt water. Our family was so excited the exhibit came back for a second summer.

Monorail: Since 1979, you’ve been able to take a monorail ride around the zoo, listen to a guided tour and spot the animals from the sky. With big expansion plans in the works for the future, and because of the cost of maintenence (the original manufacturer of parts is now out of business), the monorail is closing. Take one last ride before it shuts down for good. Members get onboard for free.

Butterfly Garden: Find yourself amongst some 40 species of butterflies in this small garden located off the Tropics Trail. As the butterlifes float around, you kind of feel like you’re in a fairy land.

Amazing Animal Adventure: This fun puppet show follows a young girl on an imaginative adventure with different animals. Short and sweet (15 minutes) and appropriate for all ages.

What are you waiting for?! Get out to the zoo. All these events close on September 2.