Mill City Museum’s 10th Birthday Bash

This weekend marks Mill City Museum’s 10th anniversary, but the site’s history extends far beyond that. The structure, then known as Washburn A. Mill, was built in 1880 and enjoyed a 50-year reign as the world’s largest flourmill, deeming Minneapolis the “flour milling capitol of the world” until 1930. After nearly being destroyed by a fire in 1991, the Minnesota Historical Society announced its plans to turn the remains into a museum that paid homage to its roots. And it succeeded; for the past 10 years visitors have learned—and had a great time doing so—about the interconnected histories of the flour industry, Mississippi River and Minneapolis.

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society

I’d say that deserves a celebration, wouldn’t you?

This weekend the museum is waiving its admission fees, and has packed its days with celebratory festivities. Stroll the Mill City Farmers’ Market, and learn about produce preservation and traditional healthy eating. Watch a Twin Cities-inspired sketch comedy, enjoy live music and dancing in the courtyard, see the specialty exhibit From Mill to Museum: The Hidden History of the Washburn Complex, 1965-2003, make a model box car or “exploding” Washburn A. Mill book, participate in other kids’ crafts, and of course, enjoy a piece of birthday cake.

Who knew flour could be so fun?

Find the full schedule of the weekend’s events here.

Mill City Museum’s 10th Birthday Bash
Sept. 14 10 a.m.-5 p.m. & Sept. 15 noon- 5 p.m.
704 S. Second Street, Minneapolis