Minnesota Biking Guide

Minnesota has gotten pretty comfortable near the top of the nation’s most bike-friendly states, and for good reason—its abundance of trails, bike-only highways, and near-constant biking events make cycling a year-round pastime. Though winter biking has been made easier through the invention of fat tire bikes, spring is truly the kickoff of the local biking season. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or you’re just now dusting off your decades-old ten-speed, you’ll find there are opportunities statewide to strap on a helmet and hit the trails.

  • Here’s a rundown of the state’s go-to spring bike trails, all located within a two-hour drive of the Twin Cities.
  • These destination trails are connected to a variety of restaurants, cafés, and creameries. Just let your stomach be your guide.
  • In a city with a Greenway, it might be hard to narrow down which part is the most bike-friendly. Trendy neighborhoods Northeast and the North Loop get our vote.
  • Need a primer on the state’s rails-to-trails bikeways? Here, we describe the story behind the paved pathways’ convenience and utility.
  • While the Midwest landscape is notoriously flat, Minnesota has numerous opportunities for mountain biking—from off-road trails to off-season ski slopes.
  • One of our writers took her first mountain biking trip on Detroit Mountain, which opens this year on Memorial Day weekend.
  • Lebanon Hills is a well-known mountain biking destination, catering to experienced and novice cyclists alike.
  • Many local trails feature Pedal Pump stations with free tire pumps, tools, and even vending machines for bike accessories and snacks.
  • Need some new gear to get started? Check out Chrome Industries in Minneapolis, a San Francisco-based brand that values function over fashion.