Minnesota Breweries

While a new brewery may not actually be popping up every week, it sure does feel like it sometimes. But don’t get me wrong; this isn’t a bad thing—not in the slightest—because our breweries are crazy-good. In fact, in the last year the Twin Cities climbed from the No. 15 spot to No. 6 on the list of the best microbrew beer cities in the U.S. Here are just a few to try and tour:  

612 Brew: Having opened just this year, 612 Brew is producing beers that range from light-bodied to aggressively hoppy. Enjoy in their taproom, patio, or on a tour.

August Schell Brewing Company: This is the oldest brewery in the state, as well as the largest in terms of gallonage. The company serves 15 beers under its own name, and an additional three varieties of Grain Belt, a brand they acquired in 2002.

Summit Brewing Co.: The first brewery in St. Paul is now a staple. Its most popular blend is Summit Extra Pale Ale, a mix of caramel, biscuity malts, hop and citrus. The brewery offers popular weekly tours, covering the beer making process and company’s history.

Surly Brewing Co.: The result of a home brewing success story, this beer is brewed for a can. Try five year-round blends, nine seasonal or four specialty beers. Weekend tours available.

Indeed Brewing Company: Described as “adventurous beer for adventurous drinkers,” Indeed is another new brewery. After starting with two hop-forward blends, the company now offers a total of 10 varieties.

Fulton Brewing: What opened as the first taproom in the Twin Cities started as a home brewing attempt by four friends in a one-car garage. Enjoy a light, dark, red or experimental blend on the premise in their taproom or on a tour.

Lift Bridge Brewing Company: In this brewery’s taproom you’ll often find limited release or exploratory beers. The Stillwater-based company’s most popular blend is Farm Girl Saison, a pale, Belgian-influenced ale.

Dangerous Man Brewing Co.: This Minneapolis tap house focuses on small-batch beers and ever-changing taps, offering pints, handmade soda and growlers.