Running Gets Ugly with the Ugly Sweater 5k

Avoid the guilt that comes with eating that extra slice of pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving dinner by registering for what has been called “the “merriest 5k on the planet.”

The Ugly Sweater 5k asks runners to delve into the depths of their closets for that overly festive top mom once forced them to wear for a family photo, and don it for 3.1 miles. Don’t expect to win just a medal when you’re done though: Hot chocolate and a choice of one Samuel Adams brew, a sponsor of the race, or Angry Orchard cider wait at the finish line. Runners are also awarded for having the best real mustache, best fake mustache, and worst sweater, along with a myriad of other hilarious accolades. This national race occurs in 20 cities throughout the holiday season, with the Minnesota route taking place on Harriet Island in St. Paul, giving joggers and walkers idyllic scenery to contrast their ridiculous garb.

Taking place on Nov. 29, the competition proves its commitment to the holiday spirit by partnering with Save the Children, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children in need. Participants are encouraged to donate to the cause upon registration. The registration fee gets runners one beer, unlimited hot chocolate, a custom knit hat, and a very merry experience.

Info: $35 pre-race, $40 day of race; four-plus person teams: $30 pre-race, $35 day of race.