Stillwater Among Top 10 Antiquing Towns in the U.S.

Situated along the scenic St. Croix River separating Minnesota and Wisconsin, Stillwater’s charm is no secret to the local community. Recently, however, it has made headlines on a broader scale. Fodor’s Travel has placed Stillwater on its list of the top 10 towns for antiquing in the United States. And how right they are. Head to Stillwater and marvel at the town’s old-world charm while exploring a few of these best antique shops.

The stores and local boutiques along Main Street and its historic side streets are the perfect place to start. Main Street South is home to American Gothic Antiques, a two-story establishment with multiple dealers. Holding everything from vintage signs to collectable toys, there is something for everyone under this roof. You’ll notice the Civil War memorabilia throughout, as they are known for this impressive collection.

From there, take a left on Olive Street and make your way down Union Alley, where you’ll discover flowers, dresses, and jewelry in boutique shop windows. Turn right to go back to Main Street and step in Let There Be Light Antiques. Not only will their lighting selection dazzle you, but they can also repair or restore existing antique lamps.

Just up the block is Stillwater Antiques Mall, which offers a variety of different antiques. Be sure to check out the collection of golf and sports memorabilia, as well as the coins and currency. 

And don’t leave Stillwater without a stop at Smalley’s Caribbean Barbeque, which has been featured on the popular Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Even better, its was claimed by Chef Antonia Lofaso to have some of the best barbeque in the U.S. by the same network’s program Best. Ever.

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