Test Your Fears at Area Haunted Attractions, Part 2

Now, are you scared yet?

If not, here’s part two of our haunted attractions list:

Fright Farm: (Maplewood) This old barn houses monsters and creepy creatures and it’s up to you to find your way out. With multiple hallways and unexpected blockades, this house is just like a maze. The actors and workers are volunteers from the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office and community members. All proceeds are donated to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Foundation to support community programs, such as the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) and Canine (K-9) programs.

Photo courtesy of The Soap Factory

The Soap Factory Haunted Basement: (Minneapolis) In October, this venue dedicated to showcasing emerging visual art brings together a fiercely demented creative team consisting of set designers, makeup and costume designers, and even olfactory scientists to make its haunted basement the most traumatizing experience in the area (must be 18+ to enter). This year’s haunted basement will take sensory overload to outrageous new extremes, including deviously twisted soundscapes, and will include an entirely new spectrum of nauseating odors provided by the smell engineers of the St. Croix Sensory. Fridays and Saturdays, have a drink in the Spooky Speakeasy. With craft cocktails, an eerie atmosphere and spooky music, this pop-up bar is the perfect place to decompress after your journey.

The Haunting Experience on Highway 61: (Cottage Grove) All who enter will feel the sadistic evil cast upon by the nearly two-century old family who haunts the area. No joke. This area is believed to be haunted and people living nearby have experienced some strange phenomenon that cannot be explained. So, why not put a haunted house here? Explore the Manor House where the family’s violent insanity is most evident. Then walk through Scummo’s 3D Nightmare to discover lost souls and carnival folk. The hayride will take you into dark forests, fields and swamps and to places no one was ever meant to go. What is fact and what is fiction? It may be hard to tell, but there’s no doubt you will get a freaked out.

Trail of Terror: (Shakopee) Perhaps the most variety in a haunted park, attractions include: zombie paintball, a mile long haunted woods walk, Hotel 66 haunted maze, Crystal Caverns, Chuckles Pizzeria, a 3D clown experience; Grubbs Pest Control, creepy crawlers; Bon(e) Appetit, Harmony’s Department of Corrections, Gypsy Grotto, and other skin crawling activities.

Scream Town: (Chaska) With 400,000 square feet of haunted attractions, you are sure to scream, or maybe even shed a tear, from fright. Attractions include the Farmers Revenge Corn Maze, Redneck Resort, Oak Blood Forest, Circus Asylum and Abandoned, where you are given only a lantern as you wander through the woods and must sign a waiver beforehand because the monsters are allowed to TOUCH you. Yikes. To enter this attraction you must have a VIP ticket, which will also get you into “Cracked”, the interactive live show.

In case you missed part one, you can find it here.