Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K

I am not a runner.

Yes, I understand this may ring false to those who know of my three-sport athlete past and weekly volleyball matches—or have seen me darting down 6th street in heels, flagging down the bus (which happens much more frequently than I’d like).

But those are spurts, people. Mere bursts of energy. Being athletic and coordinated is far from long-distance endurance, and I’m admittedly adverse to any run longer than snagging an errant softball or making the dash from security to Gate F4 at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

So I assume you know where I’m going with this: That’s right, I’m being asked to run. By my family. On a day we’re supposed to give thanks.

So of course I can’t say no.

This year we’re embarking on our first-ever Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K (or 1 mile walk—but you know this competitive girl can’t even consider that). My cousins are planning this family run on their own, but it turns out organized races (many for charity) are much more common than I knew, so regardless of where you’re traveling this holiday, you can share my pain! Or, you know, pleasure, if you already support this thing called running. I’m told anyone can tackle this distance—especially with visions of turkey legs dancing in their heads.

Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011:

Turkey TrotI’m sure I’m missing some runs, so feel free to add them in the comments section below. And heck, if you’re headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, like I am, just keep an eye out for the white long-sleeve t-shirts supporting this logo and jump in line. I’ll be the one puking up my pride—hopefully after I cross the finish line—and then quickly filling the void with a big plate of marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes.

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