This Absurdly Cute Sheep Needs a Name

Como Zoo welcomed this snowy white male baby Dall’s sheep on Saturday
What’s an appropriate name for this baby Dall’s sheep?

Como Zoo

Life has been filled with extra challenges of late, but here’s something to work on that you might not mind: finding a name for this heart-melting lamb. Born Saturday, April 25, at Como Zoo in St. Paul, this little fella is already “scampering around the exhibit” he shares with his family, according to a press release.

Since this is a male Dall’s sheep, eventually he’ll be a full-grown ram sporting some massive curled horns. But he still has some days in this phase.

On Friday, May 1, at 1:30 p.m., the Como Zoo’s Facebook page will host a live viewing, which apparently will help determine his name. His parents are Storm (Mom) and Sylvester (Dad) and he has two sisters, Sunny and Drizzle. Sounds like weather-related names run in this family, but he has come at a pretty unique time in history.

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