Travel Smart With Spirit

Last spring, we mentioned that low-fare carrier Spirit Airlines was coming to town.

This meant cheaper flight options, namely to Chicago and Las Vegas, and in a world of raising costs—especially when traveling—it was great news. Things looked bright!

And they still are. But we’ve learned you really have to stay informed to keep those costs down.

spirit airlinesExpectedly: Baggage is key. If you study up, and make sure your luggage meets the requirements, then you should be good. But if you walk onto the plane thinking you’re going to stash your case in the overhead bin no issues, think again. That will cost. Online (before check-in), your carry-on bag is $30. And your first checked bag is $28. If you wait until the airport counter, those costs jump to $40 and $38 respectively. Wait even more, until you’re on the plane or at the gate, and it’s $45 for any bag. Like other airlines, size and weight are a factor, so check those, too.

And going cheaper means Spirit will select your seat. If you want to choose (aisle? window? up front?), that will include some seat fees ($1-$50). And don’t expect a few free pretzels. Snack ($1-$10) and drinks ($1-$15) on board are an additional fee.

If you think you’ll fly often, it’s worth checking into the Spirit Airlines Membership Club. It offers access to members-only fares and bag fee savings.

Regardless, like any travel, just remember to be prepared. Read up. Be flexible. And you can still save!