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Music Clips

We wrote about them, and now you can listen to them perform!

Robert Robinson

"Ellesmere Island"
From the album Lull and Clatter
By Spaghetti Western String Co.

Spaghetti Western String Co.'s new self-released CD is  reviewed in our April 2008 issue.
Robert Robinson

"Rain Parade"
From the album Parade
By Vicious Vicious

After listing to this clip, read our quick review of Vivious Vicious' new self-released CD.
Robert Robinson

From the album The Ghost and the Hired Gun
By The Alarmists

After listening to a portion of their title track, read our review of The Alarmists' new CD.
Robert Robinson

"Queen of Hearts"
From the album America
By Romantica

Read Great Escapes, our Minute Critic review of local artists, including Romantica and their sophomore album.

Robert Robinson

"Buck Up, They're Coming"
From the album I Was Searching And I Found
By Weaver at the Loom

Read Women and Children First, which includes our Minute Critic review of Weaver at the Loom's debut album.

Robert Robinson

"Ode to a Trucker"
From the album Goody-bye, Woland!
By Captain Yonder

Read Minute Critic, which includes our review of Ryan Pfeiffer's latest album.
Robert Robinson

M. Riviere

"Die, Not Kill"
From the upcoming album M.I. Split Personalities
Performed, written, and composed by Maria Isa
(Emetrece Productions)
Beat produced by The Goodfellas

Read Maestra of Ceremonies, our feature on this rising Latina star.
Robert Robinson
From the album Drums and Guns

Read our review of the acclaimed Duluth-based trio and their latest musical endeavor in Minute Critic.
Robert Robinson

Brian scott holman

"The Graceful Ghost"
From the album Illuminating Bolcom
By William Bolcom

Read about Wiliam Bolcom's prodigious and diverse musical career, and why the Twin Cities arts community is throwing the composer the festival of his life in  The Genius Within..
Robert Robinson

Stacy Wade

"Tru Love"
From the upcoming album Undrafted
By Troy Hudson

Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Troy Hudson has his own record label (Nutty Boyz Entertainment) and a new cd releasing in May.
Robert Robinson
From the album Charanga Tropical
By Douglas Little

Salsa with strings! Read about this local saxophonist, flautist, and composer in Falling Boy, Rising Star.
Robert Robinson
"Soul Eyes"
From the album Cuban Voyage
By Douglas Little

Original compositions inspired by Cuba. Read about this local saxophonist, flautist, and composer in Falling Boy, Rising Star.
Robert Robinson
"Salsa Blue"
From the album Seven Steps to Havana
By Douglas Little

A Latin jazz ensemble of international talent that includes Douglas Little. Read more about this local saxophonist, flautist, and composer in Falling Boy, Rising Star.
Robert Robinson

Photo by David Ellis

"O Holy Night"
By Robert Robinson

Read about this local gospel singer in Hear His Voice.

Photo by Tom Wallace

"Thank Ya!"
By the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir

Robert Robinson leads this dynamic local choir.

Photo by v. paul virtucio

"Convidando esta la noche"
By The Rose Ensemble

Read how this classical choir makes ancient songs new
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