Meet the wonderful makers involved in the Best of MN Gift Box!

StormKing is a wonderful mix of old ideas and new adventures for Black Sheep Pizza founders Jordan Smith and Colleen Doran. The concept first arose in 2017, when the couple opened StormKing Barbecue “1.0,” right next door to their Eat Street Black Sheep Pizza location. It was only a year before the little restaurant closed down, due to both poor timing and location. Five years later, a gorgeous built out brewpub came up for sale in The North Loop, and the couple took it as a sign. In partnership with Rapids Brewing Team, they started the work of transforming the brewpub into a place that could brew beer AND serve great Texas Barbecue! After the first few months however, it became clear that Rapids Brewing was too far away to manage in-house operations. Jordan and Colleen made the decision to buy them out and suddenly, found themselves in the brewing business. This unexpected venture has become an exciting project for them, and has given StormKing 2.0 the extra boost it needed to truly thrive. Check out this exciting addition to the North Loop neighborhood to experience a harmonious blend of barbecue and house-brewed beer!