Meet the wonderful makers involved in the Best of MN Gift Box!

Csilla Grauzer’s love for cooking and baking has long been a part of her identity. Before she immigrated to the US from Romania in 1983 as a political refugee, the amazing meals her mother would make in the safety of their home each evening were one of her family’s only sources of peace. Even through the fear and turmoil they experienced as Hungarians living under the communist Romanian regime, her family still managed to share joy through food, celebrating birthdays and holidays with festive dishes that Grauzer holds close to her heart even today. Now a resident of Saint Louis Park, MN, Grauzer still feels deeply connected to her Eastern European roots, and of course, her mother’s magical recipes. These personal ties served as the inspiration for International Gourmet Baked Goods and Snacks, created by Grauzer to spread her love for cooking and baking through healthy, quality and traditional foods, all homemade with love.