Complimentary Valet Bike Parking



Intersection of Humboldt Avenue and The Mall, near the Midtown Greenway trail

Minneapolis is one of the best American cities for biking. With 43 miles of dedicated bicycle lanes and over 80 miles of off-street bicycle paths, it’s hard to find a more bike friendly place to ride. Bikes make exploring the city easy-every ride can be a new adventure.

Nice Ride Minnesota-a new nonprofit organization that operates a bike sharing system in Minneapolis-was created, in part, to encourage such urban exploration. It is the largest system of its kind in the nation, and Uptown is honored to be one of the first communities chosen to feature their unique self-service kiosks.

Although the Nice Ride system is automated, their organization believes that ALL bicyclists are VIPs and should be treated as such. As a result, they will be offering FREE valet bike parking for those who ride to the Uptown Art Fair. Their corral system will allow bicyclists to enjoy the urban scenery of the city on their ride to and from the fair, reduce automobile traffic and provide a stress-free parking experience. Use the bike corrals as a gathering point, then leave your bike in safe hands and venture off with family or friends to discover an Urban Experience at the Fair.

To learn more about the Nice Ride program, visit or their booth located near the corrals.


Open daily—15 minutes before the fair opens until 15 minutes after the fair closes.


Ride your bike to the corral and they will equip you and your bike with flashy wristbands that have coordinated numbers. Nice Ride will keep your bike safe while you head out to encounter the unique attractions of the fair. When you’re done for the day, they’ll retrieve your bike, confirm you are the rightful owner and send you on your way to enjoy bicycling throughout the City of Minneapolis.

Please note: parking available on a first-come, first-served basis.