Field Guide

First, find Arden Hills on a map. Then read how a Vikings stadium in the St. Paul suburb would stack up against the NFL’s great gridirons.

Minnesota Vikings

Location: (proposed) Arden Hills, MN
Distance: 11 miles from downtown Minneapolis
Cost: $1.1 billion
Known for: Lots of adjacent open land just waiting for Vikings’ owner Zygi Wilf to develop


New England Patriots

Location: Foxborough, MA
Distance: 24 miles from Boston
Cost: $325 million
Known for: The adjacent shopping/hotel/bar district owned by the Patriots’ owners

Dallas Cowboys

Location: Arlington, TX
Distance: 22 miles from Dallas
Cost: $1.2 billion
Known for: Being the largest domed structure in the world

New York Giants/Jets

Location: East Rutherford, NJ
Distance: 12 miles from NYC
Cost: $1.6 billion
Known for: Being funded entirely with private money, including $800 million in “personal seat licenses”

Green Bay Packers

Location: Green Bay, WI
Distance: 0 miles from Green Bay
Cost: $960,000 plus $295 million in renovation
Known for: Being the home of the only publicly owned team in the NFL, an arrangement the league no longer allows