Introducing the Clocks of Debra Dresler

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I get cocky here at Midwest Home. I begin to think I’m in the know about every interesting home-related artisan, or that I’ve browsed every clever shop in our fair metro. When that happens, I need to get a clue.

My latest reality check: the discovery of one Debra Dresler, who hand-makes these amazing, highly original clocks out of rotary phone parts, Viewmasters, and real-deal Brownie cameras. Debra makes her clock compositions in Lakeland, Minnesota, about 26 miles down 94 E from downtown Minneapolis, has been featured on the “Today” show and in Time magazine, and sells big on (how out of touch am I?). To make her quirky clockish things, Dresler scours reams of flea markets, antiques shops, auctions, and out-and-out junk piles, in part because she believes in recycling. “I love the idea that I’m giving a new life to these old things,” she told me. She’s also beginning to branch out into one-of-a-kind assemblages that can’t be sold on uncommongoods because the components are too rare. Call her up at 651-436-3663 and she’ll let you know what’s available.