My Burger

Look out Smash Burger, there’s a new super-style burger <br />chain rising

My Burger has been quietly chugging away in the downtown Minneapolis skyways for years, serving up decent burgers, good fries, and little more. Until now. Suddenly they’ve opened a new location, between Lake Calhoun and the Minikhada Club, and it’s styled to the hilt, in a sort of post-pop-art, post-mod extravaganza of clean lines, bright colors, and a grounding palette of grays. You feel like you’re in a museum, or some other metropolis hotspot, and the food—beefy, thin burgers with good, sweet, fresh buns; fries with true potato-y depth and crispy grace—tastes much better than it does downtown. As of my visit, their wine and beer list was not yet realized, but once it is—ka-pow! Minneapolis goes head-to-head with Smashburger.  If you like the Walker Art Center, the Weisman, and quick-serve burgers, your order’s up.

My Burger, 3100 Excelsior Blvd., Mpls.,