Pedis and More on the Patio

You no longer have to feel guilty spending a perfectly (and preciously few) sunny afternoon inside for your beauty services. Salon Lili is bridging the gap!  Featuring a short menu of outdoor services, including natural nail care and hair services, both the Minnetonka and Edina locations of this William & Friends Salon have patio spots available to clients who are looking to soak up some sun while simultaneously soaking their hair in the shampoo sink. 

After the Minnetonka salon launched its extremely popular outdoor services in summer 2010 on the picturesque-but-still-private Lili patio, the Edina location followed suit upon opening in 2012.  Still, your blowout won’t be done with an audience—the Lili patios are carefully landscaped to provide privacy from outside traffic.

It sounds like the ideal way to spend a suburban afternoon: nails being painted in one of summer’s hottest neon hues (we suggest a bold orange) while a warm, soft breeze blows by. Services are, of course, weather-dependent, and spots fill up fast, so request patio placement if possible when you call for your appointment.  After all, waiting for your nails to dry is so much more pleasant in the sunshine, no?

5757 Sanibel Dr., Ste. 1, Minnetonka, 952-935-5000; 3464 Galleria, Edina, 952-224-3300