Twitterview with Debbie Turner, @DebbieTurnerDTO

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

“The hills are alive. . .” and they’re covered with snow in MN! Welcome to the #MNMOtv interview of @DebbieTurnerDTO!

Share with everyone how you got into acting? Did you enjoy it?

Debbie: I grew up in Southern CA, town of Arcadia. I did my first acting job at the age of 6 months

My sisters were already working actors in TV commercials & movies.

So, therefore I just followed suit, and started very early in life

When it came to to audition for “The Sound of Music,” how old were you? Had you done a movie before?

Debbie: I was 6 1/2 when I first auditioned for the part of Marta. Never had done a movie before,

but worked a constantly as a TV commercial actor

How exciting was it for you to get the part of Marta, and how long did filming take place?

Debbie: Well, it was certainly unexpected, since about 6 months went by from my first interview until they asked me back

for a screen test. My mom informed me when I got home from school, sometime around Christmas time

It was a great Christmas present, but didn’t know what to expect. As it turned out it has been the best experience of

my lifetime. In 2015, it will be 50 years!! )

Wow. It’s still a great movie! Let’s fast-forward. How did you end up in MN?

Debbie: My husband brought me to this beautiful state. He grew up in Plymouth, MN. We met skiing at Snowbird,Utah

but you can learn about that in our book, The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook, available at

We both come from “skiing” families

Had he ever watched “The Sound of Music” when you met? What kind of work do you do now?

Debbie: Yes, one of the last movies he remembers watching with his family before he lost his dad to cancer

Now, I am a floral designer for weddings, events, commercial, indoor and out, many in Lake Minnetonka area

But, we still do Sound of Music appearances, the next is a Sound of Music Cruise check it

How did you get started as a floral designer, and where can people see your work?

Debbie: I started by doing a craft show in 1989. I sold everything, and took orders from there.

My most recent work is on Facebook at Debbie Turner Originals / DTO flowers/LLC &

A great picture of some of the “Sound of Music” stars! What do you think of the remake idea?

Debbie: Remake? Hadn’t heard of one, other than the TV version. To do the movie would be very cost prohibitive,

but, Carrie Underwood is a wonderful choice for the TV show coming up next year

This was taken last year in L.A. for the Today Show in Sydney, Australia #MNMOtv Nick was in Australia

I hope Sound of Music fans will come on the cruise, we all want to meet you!

Thanks for your comments and time today on #MNMOtv. Thanks for reminiscing about your part in a great movie. All the best!

Debbie: Thanks, Joel, it’s been scary fun! Brides, contact me