Twitterview with Jason Ross, @ChefJasonRoss

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let’s welcome @ChefJasonRoss as today’s @MNMOmag Twitterview guest. He’s a chef, teacher & restaurant/product development consultant.

Jason: Hi there.

Welcome! This Saturday & Sunday is the @MNMOmag #ChefChallenge at the @MallOfAmerica. Have you been a judge before?

Jason: this will be my 4th year judging and my 3rd out at the @mallofamerica rotunda.

For people NEW to the #ChefChallenge, what can people expect to see, smell and experience?

Jason: Well, big crowds, crazy food combinations, hi pressure, this year @MarielHemingway. So fun time.

That’s right! @MarielHemingway is going to be a #ChefChallenge judge too. What’s your approach to judging?

Jason: I look for timing, use of secret ingredient, creativity, presentation, and in the end, for me, Taste trumps allӬ

To be honest, I find judging these chefs to be a little humbling.

Each year with had top talent and this year there’s a a bunch of new faces.

Going into the challenge, do you know many of the chefs already? Does that make judging more challenging?

Jason: I think I know or at least have met all of them. It doesnt make it any easier, but judging is never an easy thing…

the chefs have really put themselves out there in public way and there time restraints and secret ingredients…

make it pretty high intensity.

There are 4 match-ups that lead to the finals on Sunday at 3pm CDT. Which match-us are you most looking forward to?

Jason: @SaffronMpls vs @BoroughMpls will be a nail biter. They are both competitive, want to win, and are good friends.

I also like the the @BarbetteMpls vs @BirchwoodCafe for good “locavore” competition.

I hate to list them all, but they’re all good match ups. @piccolo_mpls vs @stripclubstp is a great revenge match too.

Are there any trendy or new ingredients that you expect to see used?

Jason: Honestly I have no idea. Each year they’ve made it pretty challenging -gummy bears, venison liver, cookies…

Some ingredients are more challenging than others. You can see it sometimes in the chefs faces during the reveal.

The #ChefChallenge is Sat & Sun. The judges are @MarielHemingway, @ChefJasonRoss, @DeRushaJ, @Rachel_Hutton & @FreshTartSteph.

Get more details about the #ChefChallenge at the @MNMOmag website –

Thanks to @ChefJasonRoss for today!