Fingers Still Crossed for HGTV Hopefuls

Heather and Brad Fox find and renovate dream homes for families across the metro—they’re also waiting to hear back from HGTV

Courtesy HGTV. Brad and Heather Fox hope for an HGTV show, Stay or Sell.
Brad and Heather Fox of Fox Homes and, hopefully, Stay or Sell.

Courtesy HGTV

With the Midwest Home Luxury Home Tour ending this weekend (get your tickets here) and the remodeling season is starting to wind down, we are still waiting on one thing: whether Minnesota couple Brad and Heather Fox will get signed on for a full HGTV series or not. 

The real estate boutique owners made headlines in July when they released their pilot episode to their potential show called Stay or Sell, and people around the nation (including a very devoted crowd at 6Smith in Wayzata) watched to find out if St. Louis Park couple Liza and Brian Hill, with the help of the Foxs’ expertise, would remodel or sell their home.

Brad and Heather’s business Fox Homes officially came about in 2013, but the couple had been doing much of the work for years. Brad was a realtor and broker for a larger company, and Heather was a realtor who worked with a home building company. When they joined forces, they decided to do it all: finding, building, and renovating dream homes for those in the greater Twin Cities area. They wanted to incorporate all of their interests and reach a more personal level with their clients, “The biggest thing for us was that we wanted more creativity with the business,” Heather says. 

As Fox Homes has grown, the duo has specialized in keeping people in their favorite neighborhoods and renovating their spaces to better withstand their needs and constantly changing lifestyles. Offering a comprehensive, full service approach to buying a house, the couple takes families through the whole process from searching, designing, building, and moving. Stay or Sell plays off this focus, too. Every episode follows the homeowners as they grapple with the option to update their home or find a new one to renovate with the help of the Fox couple. 

Though they have similar interests, Brad and Heather have each found their niche in the company. “He is a creative guy that likes spreadsheets,” Heather says. “I am into the design aspect with colors and textures.” 

Working as a team both at work and at home, the couple says that they have learned to develop a balance between the two. “We are together 24/7 but it is so fun,” Brad says. “At work it is like we are hanging out and a home we are parenting our two boys.” 

In addition to their potential television series, Heather says she would love to expand the business even further with a storefront that would provide clients with a place to go to purchase furniture and decor to furnish their homes with. “The more we grow, the happier we are,” Heather says. 

While we will hopefully partake in their real estate knowledge on HGTV again, for now, hold onto their belief that if you can’t find the house of your dreams, it might just be around the corner.