How to Create Incredibly Easy Cocktail Party Hair

Presented by Kai Salon

Have I got the cocktail hairdo for you! Well, actually, two cocktail hair dos for you. Both are incredible easy, star quality, and between the two, you will have what you need to be ready no matter what you have going on in your life before your date, cocktail party, wedding, after work event, or if you are just feeling like it. Because we don’t always need an occasion—we just do it because we want to!

1. The first is a no brainer because all you need is any length hair, curling iron, and hair spray

  • Regardless of hair length, tip head forward and spray roots and lightly spray the rest of hair to the ends. Let dry a quick bit and sit back up shaking hair gently into place with your hands.
  • Taking random 1-2” pieces of hair and your curling iron on a medium to medium-high heat setting, curl the ends of your hair as high up as your cut allows without going all the way to the roots. Try to leave a 4” margin from the roots if your cut allows.
  • After you have curled your hair, give another good coating of hair spray, let dry, then run your fingers through to separate and give a natural but pretty and done look
  • Throw on your jewels and a pretty lip color and out the door you go!

2. For the second look all you need are two hair binders and some bobby pins.

Cocktail party hair

Photo by Shannon Darsow

  • Brush through hair and part loosely on the side.
  • Put loose low side pony in on the opposite side of your part.
  • Fishtail braid the pony.
  • Put second hair binder on the end. Then gently loosen the braid so it is a bit messy and wider then you started with.
  • Loosely wrap the braid around binder number one bun style and pin into place.

No one will know all you did was wrap a braid around your original pony, because it will have this lovely, complicated, special look everyone will love.  How fun is that!?

Once you have these two solid basics down and use them a few times, you will inevitably put your own special touches on the looks. Add some flowers or an extra braid here and there. Have fun and feel pretty!

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