Millennials vs. Boomers: Home

What MnMo readers think about settling down

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How Millennial and Boomer worldviews differ

Photo by Kevin White

“Millennials are much more focused on saving their money for experiences rather than tangible items. Millennials would rather spend $1000 on a trip than using it towards a nicer car.”

“We’ve learned that we need to save up to afford kids—especially with all of our debt. Boomers had way less debt at the same age.”

“Financially, many Millennials aren’t ready to ‘settle down’ in the traditional ways: getting married, buying a house, having kids. Those all come with a financial price tag.”

“Boomers did what was expected of them, graduated, got married, had a family. That was what you did without question.”

“Millennials are settling down later due to circumstances versus (experience/possessions). Boomers had a 4 year war; Millennials 15+ years; college was essentially free for Boomers; Millennials, college costs just as much as a house; government is larger and more regulated; and so on.”

“Millennials grew up being more secure because their parents were more secure—having worked their way up. And it is not such a bad thing to value experiences more than possessions—I am with them there!”

“Because society doesn’t expect people to get married by a certain age anymore, women can be on their own and they are not viewed as old ladies by the age of 30 if they don’t marry and have kids.”

“I think one of the reasons Millennials value experiences more is because of the debt many are experiencing after leaving college. Travel and entertainment are instant gratification, you don’t have to take out another loan (hopefully) to travel if you do it on the cheap.”

“Millennials are preparing earlier. This might contribute to the later marriage, home ownership, and other assumed steps in life.”

“I don’t actually see the difference with settling down. Sometimes Millennials I know settle down before the boomers I know. It’s been pretty 50/50 for the people I personally know.”

“Their world, while they might not be able to control it, is relatively calm compared to the possible nuclear holocaust their parents worried about. Possessions suggest settling; experiences suggest mobility.”