New Concept for Aveda Experience Centers Debuts at Southdale

Since Aveda’s headquarters are in the Twin Cities metro area, Minnesotans are among the lucky first to get to try out its newest products and services.

Aveda’s Experience Center, which counts five locations in Minnesota and 107 nationwide, sells the full Aveda product line and offers shoppers the opportunity to test out the products on-site with the assistance of Aveda skincare experts and stylists. Recently, the eco-friendly beauty brand renovated its Southdale location, transforming the store into what Evelyn Hill, Executive Director of North America Retail for Aveda, describes as “fully experiential” with “moments of wellness.”

“The thing we’re trying to get across in our stores now providing our guests with distinct moments to experience what our aromas and discover what products are all about,” she says.

The store’s new design features distinct segments that highlight its various “experiences.” Sections are dedicated to facial care, haircare, cosmetics, and Aveda’s Chakra Balancing Body Mists. Stylists and skincare experts are on hand to help shoppers test products, and also offer complimentary neck and shoulder massages and facials. (You heard that right—every service is complimentary, even the 20-minute facials.)

The store’s staff surveyed me on what products I’ve been using on my hair and skin, and whether I was experiencing any challenges. With the dryness that accompanies winter in Minnesota in mind (and my bleach-and-tone hair habit), it was recommended I try Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Care Repair with a couple drops of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil when I blowdry my hair to protect it from the heat. “Think of it like using an oven mitt when taking something hot out of the oven,” my stylist offered.

Because I wash my hair less often in the winter, I asked about whether Aveda has any dry shampoo options. (Plus, I’d just run out of my Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo.) As luck would have it, Aveda launched its Shampure Dry Shampoo this past January. Its product design avoids the aerosol that accompanies many dry shampoos—you simply flip it upside down for a moment and gently squeeze the bottle to get the amount you want on your hair, section by section.

Next up: skincare. After a brief but relaxing shoulder and neck massage from the Experience Center’s lovely and knowledgeable store manager, Melissa, she asked me about my skincare regimen. My skin is a challenging mix of both oily and dry (especially in the winter), and I’d admittedly gotten lazy about taking care of it. So first things first: I needed to get a new system in place. We decided that Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics collection— Purifying Gel Cleanser, Exfoliant, and Toning Mist—would fit my combination skincare needs best.

Melissa then gave me a “hand facial” to introduce me to Aveda’s TulasÄra Radiant Awakening Ritual, a set that comes with a soft exfoliating dry brush and a bottle of the amazing-smelling TulasÄra Radiant Oleation Oil. It works like this: First thing in the morning, dry brush dead skin away with the brush, and then incorporate the oil by massaging it into the skin in order to increase circulation. After leaving it on for four more minutes, you cleanse the skin as usual. Post–hand facial, my skin felt incredibly soft and silky—and not one bit greasy. The system is inspired by Ayurveda, a traditional system of alternative medicine with roots in India—and it’s just what my skin needs when I wake up with puffy skin and uneven tone. (For problem areas, you can add a drop of TulasÄra Calm Concentrate.)

Finally, I was introduced to one of Aveda’s super products: Shampure Composition Oil. This light, botanical oil can be used in eight different ways, from nourishing dry cuticles and scalp and softening hands and feet, to sealing in moisture after a shower and relieving muscle tension.

With my favorite new products in hand, I exited the Experience Center feeling calm and refreshed—moment of wellness achieved.