Q&A with Fashion Blogger Stephanie Shoemaker

Fashion blogger Stephanie Shoemaker uses her sense of style and powerful words to inspire followers to look and feel their best.

Stephanie Shoemaker has nearly 3 thousand Instagram followers, with whom she she shares her modern, simplistic style on an almost daily basis. The soft tones and light colors of her aesthetic are very easy on the eyes, giving viewers a sense of calm and quiet on an app that can oftentimes feel like a whirlwind of visuals. Beyond her popular Instagram page, Sheomaker runs a blog, StephanyByDesign, on which she shares personal writing on a variety of life topics—things she’s learned, self confidence, and her faith. The talented and stylish blogger uses her wide reach online as a way to encourage and promote a strong sense of self in her followers, all while creating something just as appealing to the eye. So just how did this inspiring young woman get to where she is today?

How did you begin using your Instagram as a channel to share your fashion interests?

Shoemaker: During college, I would post daily outfits in my dorm room without thinking it would go anywhere. I did it as an outfit diary. But my fashion and lifestyle Instagram became more serious after I graduated college, and there is still so much growth to be made.

Describe your personal style.

Shoemaker: I’ve come to the idea that my style is who I am. It’s me. The same goes for everyone else, too. But if I have to use fashionable wording, it’ll be casual-chic sometimes with a hint of athletic wear.

What are your favorite local shops?

Shoemaker: A few local shops that inspire me are Parc Boutique, Golden Rule, and The Foundry Home Goods.

What are your go-to summer staples?

Shoemaker: Right now, my go-to staple is the Cult Gaia Ark mini handbag. It’s so tropical, fun, and a conversational piece. Another summer staple is mules. They are so easy to slip on!

What is the best style advice you’ve ever received?

Shoemaker: Be confident! When you’re confident with your outfit choice, people are drawn to that. Most of the time people aren’t judging you, they’re actually admiring you.

What is your favorite fashion trend at the moment?

Shoemaker: Definitely woven handbags! They’re so chic and tie every outfit together. I’ve been drooling over Bembien‘s collection.

Where do you find style inspiration?

Shoemaker: I find style inspiration from Youtubers’ clothing hauls and Instagram. I recommend saving posts when you see something you like. My favorite fashion Youtuber is Lydia Elise Millen and favorite fashion Instagram account is, hands down, The Grey Layers.

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