Elizabeth’s Pick: Obrigadeiro Brigadeiros

Obrigadeiro Brigadeiros. No that is not a typo, or a rhyme. Brigadeiros (pronounced bree-ga-day-rows) are a traditional Brazilian confection made by Obrigadeiro, a new Twin Cities company with South American roots. Named after Brazilian Air Force Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, these truffle-looking treats actually remind me of under-baked brownies. In a good way. They’re less sweet than fudge but more satisfying than milk chocolate. Although my family prefers the Tradicional cocoa brigadeiros, the featured holiday flavor—eggnog laced with clove and cinnamon—is the perfect foil for a cup of coffee. As the endless procession of Cub Foods Christmas cookie platters and boxes of Russell Stover bon-bons commences, I say bring on the brigadeiros!

Available online and at the Minnesota History Museum Store.

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