Burch Steak Ends Run in Lowry Hill

Another celebrated Minneapolis restaurant has fallen due to the pandemic

Photo by Alex Steinberg

Another fine Minneapolis restaurant is closing its doors permanently. Burch Steak will be missed as a Lowry Hill signifier at the well-traveled intersection of Hennepin and Franklin. Owner Isaac Becker shared the bad news with the staff Wednesday, citing the ongoing pandemic.

Upon its opening, Rachel Hutton asked “Is Burch the Steakhouse of the Future?” and tells of a great many reasons why it will live on as a yardstick for others attempting a bold, beautiful feat like Becker, Nancy St. Pierre, and Ryan Burnet did inside the old Burch Pharmacy building. It was eventually named one of Minnesota Monthly’s best restaurants of 2013, and thrived on its dual personalities—immaculate cuts of beef upstairs and pizza in the noisier, rowdier downstairs.

Speaking of personalities, chef Daniel Del Prado (Martina, Colita, Rosalia) worked in the Burch kitchen before setting out on an award-winning run of his own, and now former pastry chef Shawn McKenzie is now leading Café Cerés in Linden Hills.

Like Burch, Becker and St. Pierre’s other restaurants—Bar La Grassa, 112 Eatery, and Snack Bar—also have been closed since last March.

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