11 Items Inspired by Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year

Add Classic Blue to your life with these looks, decor, and accessories by Minnesota makers
Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue. Photo by Stephen Baker/Huge.
Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue (Pantone 19-0452).

Stephen Baker/Huge

These past few years we’ve needed, according to Pantone, revival (Greenery, 2017), visionary thinking (Ultra Violet, 2018), and convivial comfort (Living Coral, 2019). Looking ahead to 2020, the people in Pantone’s think tank have decided that what we need is a confident foundation from which to embark. In color form, that means Classic Blue.

“We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that’s expressed by Pantone 19-0452 Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on,” says Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, on the company’s website.

Although a cool color, Classic Blue isn’t cold, and it evokes the calm of an evening sky or a quiet night at sea. Pantone expounds on this, writing that the color embodies reflection and mindful rest while hinting at new possibilities. Indeed, the hue is a pop of color that somehow feels neutral, a note of personality that doesn’t obtrude the balance of a room or a look. It just is, harmonizing and bringing together everything around it. 

Classic Blue, the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year. Stephen Baker/Huge

Stephen Baker/Huge

Get inspired by the hue with these 11 locally made style and decor items: 

Aperture Vase by Vandalia Glassworks
Aperture Vase

Courtesy Vandalia Glassworks

Aperture Vase (Vandalia Glassworks)

Set your sights on the horizon with this elegant Aperture Vase by Vandalia Glassworks. This contemporary yet timeless piece acts a focal point that entrances you the more you look at it, just like Pantone’s Classic Blue. $175, vandaliaglassworks.com

Blue Ombre Deer Skull by Realia by Jen
Blue Ombre Deer Skull

Courtesy Realia by Jen

Blue Ombre Deer Skull (Realia by Jen)

This may not be for everyone, but this deer skull is a stunning statement piece covered in sapphire and montana blue Swarovski crystals. (For sparkle that’s less taxidermic, check out Realia by Jen’s Army Green Cushion Cut Drop Earrings and let me know if they look as beautifully blue as in person as they do in the photo.) $1,995, realiabyjen.com

Edith Top, shown in cloudy blue silk (left) and classic blue cotton (right)
Edith Top, shown in cloudy blue silk (left) and classic blue cotton (right images)

Courtesy Winsome Goods

Edith Top (Winsome Goods)

The Edith top comes in a few versions. Pick from cotton or silk and colors like space or cloudy blue. Either way, details like the shoulder ruffle and button closures stand out to those with a discerning eye. (Yes, yes, cloudy blue is not Classic Blue. But it is nice.) $220 for the silk top, cotton top will be available December 18, winsomegoods.com

Dock 6 Pottery Geode Crackle Coasters
Geode Crackle Coasters

Courtesy Dock 6 Pottery

Geode Crackle Coaster (Dock 6 Pottery)

These 4×4″ coasters are one-of-a-kind creations with a slightly different geode pattern on each tile. Felt feet keep them from scratching, but if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can take off the felt and use the coasters as normal tiles. (On the off chance you’re not feeling Pantone’s color of the year, the geode crackle collection also comes in more than 40 other colors.) $12.95 for one, etsy.com 

Indigo Wool Gauze Scarf, Annabella Sardelis
Indigo Wool Gauze Scarf

Courtesy Annabella Sardelis

Indigo Wool Gauze Scarf (INDIGO & SNOW)

This soft scarf is naturally dyed with indigo and can also double as a shawl. To make your own indigo piece, keep an eye out for Annabella Sardelis’ next dyeing workshop on her event page. $195, indigoandsnow.com

"Lake Pepin Inception" by Annie Irene Hejney
“Lake Pepin Inception”

Courtesy Annie Irene Hejney

Lake Pepin Inception (Annie Irene Hejny)

Annie Irene Hejny creates canvases using water and sediment collected honorably from bodies of water such as the Mississippi River and Lake Minnetonka. Really, there’s no artist more fitting to include in this blue-inspired roundup. Her Lake Pepin Inception is 48×48″ and made using materials from Lake Pepin. Inquire for price, annie-hejny.com

Lake Superior Ornaments by Alabaster North
Lake Superior Ornaments by Alabaster North

Courtesy Joy & Co.

Lake Superior Ornament by Alabaster North (Joy & Co.)

Tucked away in downtown Grand Marais is Joy & Co., a store that highlights more than 130 local and regional makers in Minnesota, Ontario, and more. While Joy & Co. is still working on getting all of its vintage and artisan-made items online for those not in the area, these beautiful Lake Superior ornaments handcrafted by Alabaster North are available on their website. (If you are up near Grand Marais or don’t mind making a phone call to order, we also recommend these iridescently blue birch bark earrings by Janae Lee, found at Joy & Co.) $12.75, joy-and-company.com

“Loon,” available unframed in 11×14″ or 18×24″

Adam Turman

Loon (Adam Turman)

I know, I know, we love Adam Turman here at Minnesota Monthly. But in our defense, so does everyone else. I can’t help but think that Adam Turman’s print Loon is evoking the exact state of calm, solitude, and openness that Pantone was thinking. From $29.99, adamturman.com

Lovage Necklace
Lovage Necklace, Blue/Lapis

Courtesy TyAnn Zeal Designs

Lovage Necklace (TyAnn Zeal Designs)

For a little blue that reminds of flat river rocks and a telescope’s circular view, try on the Lovage Necklace by TyAnn Zeal Designs. Handmade with raw brass, polymer clay beads, and howlite/lapis stone, this necklace is on a short chain so it can be seen above all of your outfits. $24, tyannzealdesigns.com

Mill City Fineries' Plus It Up tie
Plus It Up Necktie

Courtesy Mill City Fineries

Plus It Up Necktie (Mill City Fineries)

This cotton necktie suits any occasion with its classic check pattern. Like all of the other pieces in Matt Brunette and Brad Wellman’s collection, the piece was handmade in Minneapolis with high quality fabric sourced, in this case, from New York. $68, millcityfineries.com; for a special 10% holiday discount on all items through December 31, type in MnMO at checkout

Sodalite Bracelet by Ceclia Designs
Matte Light Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet

Courtesy Cecelia Designs

Sodalite Gemstone Bracelet (Cecelia Designs)

Incorporate Classic Blue’s nature inspirations with this bracelet by Cecelia Designs. Its simple design brings to mind images of balance and mindfulness, but within each sodalite’s bead is the break of a wave or the wisps of clouds across the Earth. Plus, for each piece of jewelry sold, one tree is planted throughh One Tree Planted and Trees for the Future. $42, ceceliadesigns.com