Editor’s Picks: A tech accessory, a puzzle, and some bone broth

Five items to consider in early October

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TripTech smartphone accessory

Amy Nelson

Triptech Smartphone Gear

This cellphone accessory with the clever name (think triptych) offers three simple utilities for your device: ring grip, kickstand, and GPS mount. It comes with a 3M-branded adhesive tape (did they know they were sending to Minnesota?), a helpful QR code to scan for the YouTube video on installing the product, and recommendations on where to place the Triptech on your phone given how you like to hold it and text with one hand. For $19.99, the Triptech, which is available in 11 colors, offers a kickstand option for both portrait and landscape as well as a way to mount your phone in your vehicle’s air vents. But the weight of my phone meant it slipped out of my air vents easily. This product is a good all-in-one item for those looking to add these features directly to their phone, but the fairly lightweight plastic had me reaching for my sturdier pop socket and separate car mount that accommodates my phone as well as my husband’s. Triptechgear.com


Mozy blanket
Mozy blanket


Mozy: The Jacket for Your Legs

Mozy seems made for me. As a season ticket holder to an NFL team that plays at an outdoor stadium (yes, you can probably figure out which one), I find myself sitting in the bleachers wrapped in a blanket as the season progresses. I’m not complaining, it’s a ton of fun. But getting Mozy, self-described as a way to stay mobile yet cozy, was just what I needed to kick off the season. For $70, the product is essentially a weatherproof blanket that secures like a shower wrap with Velco fasteners at the top and side edges. I love the pockets in the front and the attachable patches to customize it, and it’s simple to readjust if it’s not fitting correctly. Fold it up and use it as a seat when you’re not wearing it. My only complaint was a strong smell like plastic or polyester when I first unwrapped it, but that has disappeared. Getthemozy.com


Made in Minn apparel
Made in Minn apparel

Amy Nelson

Made in Minn Apparel

Embroidery was therapeutic to Made in Minn founder Natalie Koelln after she suffered from postpartum anxiety and depression with the birth of her second child. She has found success in that self-care by turning her skill into making and designing embroidered apparel and accessories in a business. She can customize your favorite pullover or tote with your initials or other requests, or pick from her patriotic and Minnesota-specific items on her website. Her work is also available at a number of boutiques across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Prices online range from $60 for a Live Love Lake zip-up sweatshirt to $28 for a USA baseball cap to $32 for a set of MN Home tea towels. All are high-quality, hand-stitched, and joyful expressions. Made-in-minn.com


Community Garden puzzle design
“Community Garden” Lemonade Pursuits puzzle design


Lemonade Pursuits Puzzles

I’m a puzzle fan—the more difficult the better—so I appreciated the beautiful abstract artwork featured in the sample I received from Lemonade Pursuits. All of the puzzles are created by female artists and the company pledges 10% of sales go back to the artists. These pieces of art are made in the USA too. My 1,000-piece “Community Garden” by artist Meenal Patel is a soothing, meditative, communal scene of global gathering. Listed at $24.99 and measuring approximately 20 inches by 27 inches, this puzzle is a unique way to support female artists, challenge your brain, and end up with a lovely piece of frameable art. It also makes a great gift. Learn more about each artist on the website. Lemonadepursuits.com


Zoup Bone Broth for Editor's Picks
Zoup! Bone Broth


Zoup! Chicken Bone Broth

Bone broth is all the rage these days for those considering intermittent fasting or simply looking for a filling drink. Bone broth is one of the few foods allowed on the popular diet as it provides vitamins and nutrients along with hydration. Zoup!’s bone broth in the chicken flavor is just the right mix of salty and savory. It is fresh and convenient as well as low in calories, contains no artificial ingredients, and is gluten free. I sip on some during my work day and also used a few cups to make a yummy country bean soup. You can find the 32-ounce jars at most major retailers for about $6. Flavors range from savory vegan veggie broth to seafood broth. Zoupbroth.com

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