The 50 Best MN-Made Gifts for 2018

Your gift guide this season comes from local artisans

Artisanal, bespoke, handmade, small-batch. The gifts in this guide were crafted in garage studios, rural pastures, and everywhere in between. Celebrate what we love about Minnesota, whether you’re entertaining, stepping out in style, or keeping local traditions alive. We honor our legacy brands and shine light on new makers writing their own Minnesota history.

Photos by Erica Loeks, styling by Casie Beldo and Mandy Finders

Wrapping Paper: Amarilys Henderson,

Scissors and Notebook: Russell + Hazel,

Wooden Spoon and Metal Ornament: The Vintage Studio,

Wooden Ornament: Melinda Wolff, $14,

Cookies: The Cookie Creative,

Peppermint Bark: Annie B’s,

Coffee: Peace Coffee, $11, 

Mug: Samantha Longley, $30,

Table: Timber & Tulip,

Skillet: American Skillet Co., $130,

Nuts: Isadore Nut Co.,

Cheese: Redhead Creamery,

Honey: Ames Farm, $11.50,

Pickles and Peppers: Hobby Farmer,

Salami and Charcuterie: Red Table Meat Co.,

Lazy Susan: Cambria, $175,

Tray: Timber & Tulip,

Hand-blown Glasses: Hennepin Made,

Coasters: Concrete Pig, $42,

Spiced Rum: 10,000 Drops,

Aquavit: Skaalvenn Distillery,

Espresso Vanilla Vodka: 5 Vodka,

(Not sure what to mix with these? Here are three holiday-ready cocktail recipes, each using one of the above liqueurs.)

Bracelets: Realia by Jen,

Rings: Petrichor Tileworks, $65 each, 

Earrings: Koon Yai Studio, $35,

Charcuterie Board: Cambria, $150,

Felt Purse: LES Bags, $125,

Watches: Taki Watches, $110-$125,

Planners: Russel + Hazel, $24,

Bowtie: Mill City Fineries, $58,

Slippers: Minnetonka Moccasins, $39.95-$44.95,

Balsam Fir and Clove Candle: Koselig Candle Co., $24,

Skin Care Products: Worker B,

Glasses: Evolve Eyewear, $149,

Beanie: Nicki Chicki,

Printed Light Bulbs: Relamp, $39,

Minnealphabet Book: Meg Erke, $30,

Bird Feeder: Jules Loft, $22,

Cinch Pack and Blanket: Faribault Woolen Mill Co., $35 and $110,

Bat and Ball: Pillbox, $70 and $40,

Ping-Pong Paddles: $50 each,

Log: OneLogFire, $19.95,

Tic-tac-toe: Timbr, $46,

Leash: Addington Co., $65,

Plaid Vest: Lucy & Co., $45,

Smoked Beef Bones: Barkley’s Bistro,

Bowl: Red Wing Stoneware & Pottery, $34.95,

Blanket: Faribault Woolen Mill Co., $110,

Pillow: Catstudio, $184,

(Eyeing that French bulldog? That’s Lil Norman. You can find him, along with Lola and Big Frank, on Instagram at @ThreeLittleFrenchies.)

Jerrod Sumner is Minnesota Monthly’s resident “maker whisperer,” and he recently opened the locally focused Rose & Loon shop at Rosedale Center. Find him on Instagram at @mrjerrodscott.

Jerrod Sumner is Minnesota Monthly’s aesthetic editor. His work covers all things local in the maker community. He is sought after for his understanding and promotion of the modern, American-made maker movement, and is a contributor on FOX 9 Good Day, sharing stories and goods. Follow him on Instagram @mrjerrodscott.