The 8 Most Eligible Twin Citians

What do a restaurateur, an outdoors TV host, and a soccer star have in common? They’re smart, sexy—and available.

1. Christiana Clark, 31

Profession: Ivey Award–winning actress
Dates: Men
Romantic History: Often falls for close friends. Why? She believes a solid friendship is a good basis for lasting love.
Why She’s So Dateable: Did you see In the Red and Brown Water at the Guthrie? She can quote Shakespeare and bust your gut in the same breath. That said, she’s not interested in being a one-woman show. You’ll need to hold up your end of the conversation.

2. Ben D’Amico, 25

Profession: Manager of Campiello
Dates: Women
Romantic History: His first girlfriend easily won over his dad (restaurateur Larry D’Amico): she was Italian. Ben was 11. He’s since branched beyond the family heritage.
Why He’s So Dateable: You will eat well, and not just on the town. A remarkable home cook, he makes a mean cioppino (fish stew). Just don’t order your steak well done.

3. Laura Schara, age undisclosed

Profession: Host of Due North Outdoors, North American Fisherman, and LTV, the Lifetime Fitness network
Dates: Men
Romantic History: After a very public long-term relationship, she prefers to keep her love life private. So, shush.
Why She’s So Dateable: You’d expect the daughter of Ron Schara to hunt and fish like a pro. But she’s also a great dresser, with a shoe closet that rivals her shotgun collection.

4. Tony Sanneh, 41

Profession: Retired soccer player and head of the Sanneh Foundation, which holds its annual Gala4Goals on February 2
Dates: Women
Romantic History: After a few failed long-distance relationships, he’s looking for locals.
Why He’s So Dateable: This former L.A. Galaxy defender stays in shape through his foundation’s soccer-centric work with urban youth around the world.

5. Sven Sundgaard, 31

Profession: Meteorologist at KARE11
Dates: Men
Romantic History: His last serious relationship was three-and-a-half years ago.
Why He’s So Dateable: Take a look at his Twitter feed (@svensundgaard)—this guy knows how to take a vacation. Tip: He’s happy to talk weather, just don’t ask what it’s like outside—when you’re outside.

6. Herschel, 29

Profession: Musician whose single “Out of My System” went viral, to the tune of 350,000 YouTube views
Dates: Women
Romantic History: Meet on Monday, fall in love by Tuesday, break up on Wednesday, write a song about it. He’d rather be writing love songs (“Herschel’s Kisses”?).
Why He’s So Dateable: He’s a passionate guy, and not just about his music. In fact, he’s looking forward to one day having a few little Herschels.

7. Robb Whittlef, 41

Profession: Interior designer and owner of Historic Studio furnishings
Dates: Men
Romantic History: After a 10-year relationship in his twenties, he has dated only sporadically.
Why He’s So Dateable: He’s got an eye for aesthetics, but he’s no snob. He’s even down with your Ikea furniture and futon bed—so long as the futon isn’t in a friend’s basement.

8. Liz Bastian, 40

Profession: Co-owner of Bastian+Skoog floral design
Dates: Men
Romantic History: Divorced and, in her inimitable words, tired of “wading through clownies.”
Why She’s So Dateable: You will not be bored. Bastian has instigated or inspired several popular projects, including the Twitter-tagged #30daysofyoga, #summerofdresses, and #30daysofbiking.

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