Twin Cities Style Bloggers

Some of our favorite fashion bloggers show off the hottest summer trends from local boutiques.

Laura Wiering
Age: 25 Day job: Advertising account manager
Role in Bow & Arrow: Lifestyle Editor
Favorite trend for summer: Mark my words—hair jewelry.
Go-to beauty product: False eyelashes—they can make your look go from polished to memorable by adding that little bit of drama. And who says you can’t wear them during the day too? No one I’m listening to; that’s for sure.
Signature wardrobe piece: A tailored oxford
On writing about twin cities style: It’s easy to write about a home you love. I wake up every morning and can feel the city’s heartbeat and vibe.

Vanessa Fangmeier
Age: 26  Day job: Graphic designer
Role in Bow & Arrow: Creative Director
Recent trend you loathe: Rompers, jumpers, and other one-piece coverall-type things. The whole concept just reminds me of toddler clothing.
Neighborhood hangouts: The corner of Snelling and University in St. Paul has an incredible selection of used books. For a good cup of coffee in St. Paul, places like Quixotic and Kopplin’s are a favorite, and any of the Spyhouse locations in Minneapolis. Also, my boyfriend lives in Lowertown, St. Paul, so we frequently can be found eating out at places like Barrio, The Bin Wine Bar, The Buttered Tin, Key’s Café, and Black Sheep Pizza.
Personal style: Zooey Deschanel wannabe with tomboy tendencies that I just can’t shake.
Favorite Twin Cities neighborhood: Mac-Groveland. It’s an idyllic little pocket of St. Paul that I became familiar with during my time at the University of St. Thomas. The houses are each unique and adorable, the streets are clean and quiet, and it’s nestled right in the city.

Katie Dosen
Age: 27  Day job: Children’s director at a local modeling and talent agency
Role in Bow & Arrow: Fashion Editor
Go-to wardrobe item: Denim shirt.
On being a collaborative blogger: Four brains are better than one. These ladies have endless talent, and being able to go on this adventure with them is an honor.
Funniest street-photography story:  Lots of people mistake me for Taylor Swift, and once in a while I’ll play along. My boyfriend and I were in Stillwater, and one girl actually started screaming! I think it’s the bangs.
Favorite trend for summer: Brimmed hats. They’re amazing for a bad hair day or to add the final touch to an outfit.

Jaclyn Hansel
Age: 26  Day job: Graphic designer and photographer
Role in Bow & Arrow: Director of Photography
Personal style: Feminine yet fierce. I love the combination of soft features juxtaposed with edgier materials and details with a sprinkle of cultural flair.
Favorite spot for photography in the Twin Cities: It always depends on what I’m shooting. I am constantly scouting new places throughout the cities and suburbs. I’m currently obsessed with a little moss-covered shelter at a park in Eagan and some fantastic graffiti walls near the University of Minnesota campus.
Favorite store in the Twin Cities: Cupcake. That’s the kind of store you’re talking about, right?
Most embarrassing fashion misstep: I often put my clothes on inside out or backwards. Shirts, cardigans, leggings—I’ve done it all. I’m grateful to have a good network of people to help alert me when this happens.

Laura: Blessed Are the Meek dress @ Covered,
Vanessa: Xtaren shirt @ Primp,
Katie: Hat and Seychelles shoes, both @ Parc Boutique,
Jaclyn: Re:Named shirt @ Cliché,


Lindsey Herzog

Lindsey Herzog

Age: 26  Day job: Family psychotherapist and personal stylist

Personal style: A happy mix of feminine elegance, Parisian chic, and modern prep. I never met a sparkle I didn’t like.
Fashion pet peeve: The default to blending in because it’s easiest. I love seeing people let their gorgeous selves shine through what they wear, even in the smallest of ways, like with a bold lip color or a new pair of heels.
Funniest street-photography story: A passerby literally reached out and gave me a little pat on the bum. No joke! You best believe I gave him a piece of my mind. And then there’s the time that a neighbor pulled over and took photos of me taking photos of myself self-timer/tripod style.
Best thing about being a Twin Cities blogger: Getting to know people all over the cities who love fashion too. It’s such a small world and I love celebrating local style.
Most embarrassing fashion misstep: Socks with heels. And the whole decade-old Levi cut-off shorts deal. Totally not my style.
Go-to beauty product: The Urban Decay Naked3 eye shadow palette. Could not live without it.
Favorite Twin Cities neighborhood: Grand Ave in St. Paul. My husband and I lived there our first year of marriage while I was getting my grad degree at the University of St. Thomas and St. Catherine University. I loved that it was just a walk away from both Café Latte and this gloriously serene cliff lookout over the river.

Lily Pulitzer dress @ Melly,


Mill City Logo

Michael Dodes

Age: 25 Day job: Marketing strategist
Favorite trend for summer: I dig that mid-thigh shorts are more mainstream in the Midwest now. If you look back to classic Americana style, shorts are just that—short.
Favorite spot for photography in the Twin Cities: Nicollet Mall.
Biggest fashion pet peeve: Looking like you bought your outfit at a thrift store. The magic of a thrift-store find is that it looks current and blends seamlessly with the rest of your closet. Don’t pull a Macklemore.
Favorite Twin Cities neighborhood: I really love Lowry Hill. It’s a classically beautiful part of Minneapolis that is full of grand homes with tons of character.
Most embarrassing fashion misstep: Here’s a pro tip for guys: Get sweat guards for your dress shirts.  I’ve found them at Martin Patrick 3 locally. They’re a godsend and will allow you to pull your arms away from your sides at events.
Best thing about being a Twin Cities blogger: Blogging the men’s style scene has only solidified what I’ve believed ever since first moving to Minneapolis—we are an established style community that is quickly and deservedly solidifying our place in modern Americana.
On men’s style in the Twin Cities: Guys are becoming more confident in determining their personal style on their own. Menswear is less trend-focused than womenswear, so it’s important for a guy to really think about what he likes—bright colors, comfort, blazers—and apply that to his wardrobe.

Mismo bag and Norske Projects jacket, both @ Askov Finlayson,; Minnetonka Moccasin shoes @ Minnetonka Moccasin,


Shayna Dodge

Ruffled Snob

Shaynah Dodge
with Rowan, Brinley, and Wrennyn

Ages: Shaynah (30), Rowan (7), Brinley (4),
Wrennyn (1)  Day job: Hairstylist
Personal style: Bohemian-eccentric with a touch of tomboy. I love unique statement pieces and balance them with a tomboy rock-and-roll flair.
Favorite trend for summer: Birkenstocks (for me and the kids).
Go-to wardrobe piece:  LNA T-shirts. They make the softest and best-fit basic tees. And my Givenchy handbag. A great bag is worth investing in.
Go-to wardrobe piece for the boys: Mini Kanken backpacks. They each have one, and they go everywhere with us!
On styling her boys: I wanted to spread the message for the everyday mom raising boys that individuality doesn’t need to be sacrificed just because of gender. Why not have as much fun for boys’ fashion as girls’? I think how we dress the boys speaks volumes about their individual personalities.
Favorite store in the Twin Cities: Mille—they have the most eclectic collection of unique and one-of-a-kind vendors. My blog emphasizes shopping small and unique, and Mille really eludes the same philosophy. It is also more on the bohemian, minimalist side, which is completely my vibe.
Favorite kids’ store: Wild Rumpus. The boys get so excited to see all the critters, and we get them excited about reading.

Shaynah: Beatrice Valenzuela sandals @ Mille,
Rowan: Locally Grown Clothing T-shirt @ Goodnight Moon,;  Fidelis Co. bag @ Parc Boutique
Brinley: Minnetonka Moccasin shoes @ Minnetonka Moccasin
Wrennyn: Vintage romper @ Country Charm Antiques, 122 Main St. S., Stillwater, 651-439-8202


Kate Arends

Age: 30 Day job: Owner of Wit & Delight Studio
Personal style: Classic. Tomboy. Minimal.
Favorite style trend for summer: Normcore! I don’t take it to the extreme (see: fanny pack), but pairing an old college sweatshirt and sweatpants with a great handbag and flats? That’s totally a bandwagon I’ll jump on.
Always in your bag: Illesteva sunglasses, Aesop Hand Balm, Shinola wallet, Korres lip butter in Wild Rose.
Style Icon: Jane Birkin
Go-to wardrobe item: Penny loafers
Favorite Twin Cities stores: Idun, Parc Boutique, and Bluebird Boutique for clothing, The Foundry Home Goods for the home, and Askov Finlayson for magazine, literature, and oversize men’s oxfords.
Neighborhood hangout: Marvel Bar with my husband, gin martini in hand.

Ancient Greek sandals @ Arrow,; Illesteva sunglasses @ Askov Finlayson; Enza Costa pants @ D.NOLO,


Chelsea Lankford


Chelsea Lankford

Age: 22  Day job: Financial associate
Favorite trend for summer: The recent twist on classic denim jackets in moto and blazer styles.
Signature wardrobe piece: My cargo jackets—I love having pockets everywhere and finding things I stashed in them
days later.
Fashion “rule” you love to break: Mixing brown and black. Layering and changing up the textures makes it work.
Go-to beauty product: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery concentrate. I swear it’s even the key to a good night’s sleep.
Funniest street-photography story: We were shooting outside the Oceanaire once, and one of the employees made an enthusiastic photo-bomb attempt through the window behind me.
Favorite Twin Cities spot for photography: The Warehouse District. I love a good crumbling brick wall.
Neighborhood hangouts: More often than not, you can find me at Loring Kitchen & Bar, but when I venture out on weekends, I’ll be at Urban Bean Coffee with a miel in hand or browsing the racks at Parc Boutique.

Maison Scotch top and Henry & Belle jeans, both @ Roe Wolfe,


Sally McGraw

Sally McGraw

Age: 37  Day job: Freelance writer, blogger, stylist, and teacher
Personal style: Eclectic retro rocker.
Favorite trend for summer: Black-and-white graphic prints. My windowpane-print skirt is going to be a staple this season.
Fashion pet peeve: When people say they “can’t” wear certain pieces. There is no item of clothing that, when donned, will make you burst into flames. If you don’t want to wear something, don’t. But never let anyone tell you that you can’t.
Go-to beauty product: Boscia’s B.B. Cream. It works beautifully on my sensitive, acne-prone, ridiculously pale skin.
Instant mood-brightener: Anything red. Colors are powerful, and red has been my favorite since childhood.
Favorite Twin Cities neighborhood: Northeast Minneapolis. Mostly for eats—Punch Pizza, Kramarczuk’s, Wilde Roast Café, and Gardens of Salonica—but also for shopping at GH2, Bibelot, and Parc Boutique.
On being an “older” style blogger: At this point I feel like I can speak about style and body image from years of personal experience. I have confidence, perspective, and a healthy dose of irreverence.

Julia Jordan dress @ Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique,