A Day Trip to the North Loop

Just north and west of Target Field, North Loop has some of the best restaurants and shops in Minneapolis

Photo by TJ Turner

The trendy, industrial North Loop, located in the Warehouse Historic District in Minneapolis, boasts some of the city’s best restaurants, shops, and nightlife. Its name comes from the trolley line that once served the area but today, it’s a hot destination spot for locals and visitors alike and one of Minneapolis’ fastest growing neighborhoods. Walkable, fashionable, and wholly unique, it’s more than easy to spend a day exploring. Here’s what a day trip to the North Loop can look like.


Start your day off right with a cuppa joe. There is no shortage of coffee shops in the North Loop—no matter what direction you’re coming from, there will be a café near by. Some of the more prominent coffee shops include the Bachelor Farmer Café which is small but bright and serves strong brews and light fare. Allegro Coffee Co. exists in a minimalism space with maximum tasting coffee, and the new kid on the block, Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea, has already established itself as a favorite, particularly for its industrial aesthetic. 

After you’ve fueled up, it’s time to shop. The North Loop is full of carefully curated shops and boutiques that are fascinating to browse through, no matter who you are and what your style is. A good example of this is MartinPatrick 3, a sophisticated men’s apparel and furniture store plus an apothecary—even if you’re a woman, you’ll still enjoy perusing the shop’s oddities and unique style.

A day trip to the North Loop is not complete without a stop at Askov Finlayson stocking casual and outdoorsy menswear that is made in house.

As for women’s fashion, get ready to shop until you drop. Don’t skip Lolë and their stylish athletic apparel. D.Nolo has a diverse collection of brands and their open space is absolutely charming. Grethen House has a thoughtful selection of high quality pieces, and PARC is your one-stop-shop for all things simple and chic.


By now, you’re probably starting to get hungry for some lunch. Treat your taste buds at Black Sheep for coal fired pizza with every toppings combination you can image or Red Cow for its specialty burgers and gorgeous patio. For an affordable and adorable breakfast or lunch spot, try Moose & Sadie’s, right across the street from Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea. 

It’s time to hit the streets again! If you already have enough clothes in your closet, don’t worry, the North Loop has many other types of shopping experiences. Russell + Hazel is a staple lifestyle store, selling personalized office supplies, beauty products, and accessories. Don’t forget about Wilson & Willy’s Neighbor Goods, a curated general store which features local manufacturers.

Is all this shopping making you tired and hungry? Swing by Rise Bagel Co. for a quick snack or even a light meal.



The North Loop is slowly but surely making a named for itself as a foodie destination which makes it a perfect dinner spot. It’s home to some of Minneapolis’ best restaurants, including the award-winning Spoon and Stable, dishing up French-inspired courses. Try the Bachelor Farmer’s restaurant half, or go to the Freehouse, a brewpub especially great for larger groups thanks to their approachable and affordable menu.


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If you began your exploring later in the afternoon and aren’t ready to go home yet, stick around for the nightlife. The North Loop has a great cocktail scene, particularly at Marvel Bar, an underground venue with a speakeasy vibe, and the Monte Carlo, which serves classic cocktails and wines in a vintage space. Try a creative concoctions at the urban mixology the Parlour. If you’re in the mood for a show, sit back and relax…or roll out of your seat laughing at Acme Comedy Co., one of the biggest influencers of comedy in the Twin Cities. 

As the day (or night) comes to a close, take one last admiring look at the historic architecture and industrial style of the North Loop—you’ll already be planning your next visit before you leave.

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