Art Sled Rally + Sledding Hills in the Twin Cities

Create your own sled for Powderhorn’s annual Art Sled Rally on Jan. 26 then try out some of Twin Cities’ best sledding hills

Photo courtesy Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

The January Thaw is over and now it’s all about ridiculously cold temperatures, the periodic snowfalls, and the best activities Minnesota winters have to offer. This blog’s focus? Sledding! The art of whisking down frozen hills at (sometimes) alarming speeds. There’s nothing better than hearing the wind rush around you as you glide through the snowy, often icy terrain—and grabbing some hot chocolate to celebrate your successes at the end of the outing.

The 12th Annual Powderhorn Park Art Sled Rally on Jan. 26 isn’t just about flying down the hill, though—it’s about putting on a show while you do it. Put on by South Sixteenth High Jinks, a group of artists and neighborhood residents in the Powderhorn community, the Art Sled Rally is meant to inspire creativity, artistic expression, and out-of-the-ordinary spectacles.

One of the great things about the Art Sled Rally is anyone can join in on the fun. All you have to do is create, decorate, or theme your sled; show up to Powderhorn Park; sign a waiver and photo release form (available online and onsite); and get ready to slide down the hill with lots of viewers cheering you on. Park Safety will be present at the event, so make sure you bring a helmet!

If you can’t make it to this year’s Art Sled Rally, try checking out these sledding hills instead: